class Metavision::DeviceConfig

Device’s configuration’s options.

Subclassed by Metavision::RawFileConfig

Public Members

std::string event_format_

Switch the event format if supported.

using Metavision::HalErrorCodeType = int

Alias type used for HalErrorCode enums.

enum Metavision::HalErrorCode

Enum that holds error codes for HAL exceptions.


enumerator CameraError = 0x100000

Base Hal camera error.

enumerator FailedInitialization = CameraError | 0x01000

Camera failed initialization.

enumerator CameraNotFound = FailedInitialization | 0x1

Failed initialisation due to a camera not found.

enumerator InternalInitializationError = FailedInitialization | 0x100

Metavision Internal Initialization problem.

enumerator InvalidArgument = CameraError | 0x02000

Errors related to invalid arguments.

enumerator InvalidAFKValue = InvalidArgument | 0x1

Wrong AFK arguments given.

class Metavision::HalException : public std::system_error

Class for all exceptions thrown by Metavision HAL.





Public Functions

HalException(HalErrorCodeType e)

Creates an exception of type e with default error message.

  • e: Camera error code

HalException(HalErrorCodeType e, const std::string &additional_info)

Creates an exception of type e with an error description in additional_info.

  • e: Camera error code

  • additional_info: Error description

Metavision::SoftwareInfo &Metavision::get_hal_software_info()

Returns various software information such as the version.

class Metavision::RawFileConfig : public Metavision::DeviceConfig

RAW files configuration’s options.

Public Members

uint32_t n_events_to_read_ = 1000000

Number of events_byte_size blocks to read. At each read, n_events_to_read_*sizeof(event) bytes are read. No effect if emulating real time is used

size_t max_events_per_buffer_ = 5 * n_events_to_read_

The memory capacity used to store data read from the file is at most max_events_per_buffer_*sizeof(event). When reached, we wait for this data to be polled before reading again.

bool do_time_shifting_ = true

Take the first timer high of the file as origin of time.

std::string Metavision::HeaderHelper::get_sub_system_id(const HeaderHelper::HeaderType &header)

Returns the sub system id from the header if exists in the header or an empty string otherwise. Parses both SUB SYSTEM ID KEYs.


A string containing the value of the requested key

  • header: Header containing the file info (Version, date, height etc.)

std::string Metavision::HeaderHelper::get_firmware_version_as_string(long firmware_version)

Returns firmware version in standard header format from a firmware version.

Gets firmware version.

  • firmware_version: Firmware version