What kind of data do we get from a Prophesee sensor?

Contrast Detection (CD) events can be acquired from a Prophesee sensor. They represent a response of a pixel to a change of illumination and are of 2 types:

  • CD ON events correspond to positive change : from dark to light

  • CD OFF events correspond to negative change : from light to dark

For more information on events, check here.

Can I record data from supported cameras? Which format is used for data recording?

You can record data with Metavision Player. By default, data are recorded to RAW format. However, Metavision Player allows you to export your recording in AVI format.

In addition, you can convert RAW files to the following formats:

How do I know what is the event encoding format of a RAW file?

You can find the EVT format (EVT2 or EVT3) of your RAW file by one of those methods:

How can I know the version of Prophesee software installed on my computer?

You can retrieve your software version with the metavision_platform_info application.

Can I use a Virtual Machine (VM) to work with my camera?

Prophesee sensors require USB3.0, and due to limited support of USB3.0 by Virtual Machines, your display and USB will not perform as expected, therefore we do not recommend using Virtual Machines.