Data Recording

Metavision Player allows to record events data to RAW file.

To record data, follow these steps:

  • open a command prompt and move to a directory where you have write permission

  • start Metavision Player with a live Prophesee’s camera:


cd /home/username


cd C:\Users\%USERNAME%"
  • events data will be shown in the viewer window on the screen

  • press “SPACE” key on a keyboard to start data recording

  • press “SPACE” key again to stop data recording

  • repeat the procedure to record data again, if needed

The data will be written to a RAW file in the current directory. The output file name is composed of

  • a basename (“out” by default) that can be changed with the command line option --output-raw-basename.

  • current date and time

You can save as many RAW files as needed by repeating the procedure.