This is an overview of how the headers are organised in the installation directory. Here, the architecture for the Driver module is presented, and it is similar to other SDK modules.

Below, <install-prefix> refers to the path where the SDK is installed. The default values are:

  • /usr for Ubuntu

  • C:\Program Files\Prophesee for Windows

The headers of the SDK Driver module follow the structure below:

├── driver
│   ├── pipeline
│   |   └── camera_stage.h
│   ├── camera.h
│   ├── cd.h
│   └── ...
└── other modules...

To include a header from the Driver module in your code, just write the full path starting from the <install-prefix>/include/. For instance, to access the Camera object:

#include <metavision/sdk/driver/camera.h>


The pipeline folder contains a header that defines the CameraStage class allowing to use the camera in the Pipeline framework.

To access the CameraStage object, include the following header:

#include <metavision/sdk/driver/pipeline/camera_stage.h>

Additional content

Additional content is located under the <install-prefix>/share/metavision/sdk folder. This share folder contains a set of BIAS files for Prophesee’s sensors, source codes of applications and sample codes.

├── driver
│   ├── apps
│   ├── biases
│   └── samples
└── other modules...