EVK2 - Gen4.1 HD

Prophesee Evaluation Kit 2 (EVK2) enables full performance evaluation of Gen 4.1 HD event-based vision sensor co-developed with SONY Semiconductor Solutions, featuring the industry’s smallest pixels and superior HDR performance.

Evaluation Kit V2

This EVK is ideal for early Gen 4.1 HD Test Sample evaluation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive sensor control including digital pipeline (ESP)

  • Full sensor bandwidth

  • Easy to use USB-C connectivity

  • CS / S mount versions available

Supported Sensors

  • Gen4.1 (HD – Test Sample) co-developed with SONY Semiconductors Solution

USB 3 Interface

  • Maximum bandwidth: 3 Gbps

Product reference: PEK24HHDCDCS

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If you already acquired an EVK2, you can access the user manual in our Knowledge Center once you will have requested an account.