Metavision Designer

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Metavision Designer allows you to easily interconnect components for fast prototyping of event-based vision applications. It consists of a rich set of libraries, Python APIs and code examples built for quick and efficient integration and testing.

Metavision Designer is built to help you evaluate the benefits of event-based vision applications.


Metavision SDK now comes with a Python API that allows to easily read data from a camera or from a file (see the tutorial Get Started using Python) and gives access to the C++ algorithms through bindings. As such, Metavision Designer is becoming less relevant and won’t be enhanced in future releases. Designer remains an interesting tool to discover event-based technology, but to build applications in Python, using the SDK Python API is probably a better option.

Main features

  • Selection of algorithms enabling efficient integration

  • Modular-by-design algorithm architecture to easily assemble python code and achieve first application results in minutes

  • Test early and often with an interactive development approach where you can see the results of your changes immediately

  • A complete API that allows you to explore the full potential of event-based vision in few lines of code

  • Documentation / code examples / training & learning material

  • Runs natively on Linux and Windows

  • Compatible with Prophesee vision systems and “Powered by Prophesee” partners products