Metavision Designer XYT Sample

The 3D View API provides classes and tools for rendering CD events in 3D space.

The sample shows how to use the metavision_designer_3dview.Image3dDisplayXYT class for displaying events in a XYT (X-Y-Time) space.

Expected Output

Metavision XYT sample visualizes events in XYT space and provides some user controls to adjust the visualization:

Expected Output from Metavision XYT Sample

How to start

To start the sample based on the live stream from your camera, run:


python3 /usr/share/metavision/designer/3dview/samples/


python "C:\Program Files\Prophesee\share\metavision\designer\3dview\samples\"

To start the sample based on recorded data, provide the full path to a RAW file (here, we use the file spinner.raw from our Sample Recordings):


python3 /usr/share/metavision/designer/3dview/samples/ -i spinner.raw


python "C:\Program Files\Prophesee\share\metavision\designer\3dview\sample\" -i spinner.raw

To check for additional options:


python3 /usr/share/metavision/designer/3dview/samples/ -h


python "C:\Program Files\Prophesee\share\metavision\designer\3dview\sample\" -h