Metavision Player is the legacy viewer/recorder of Metavision Intelligence suite. As such, it does not support all the features of our last generation of sensors. We recommend you to use Metavision Studio instead.

Data Recording

Metavision Player allows to record events data to RAW file.

To record data, follow these steps:

  • open a command prompt

  • start Metavision Player with a live Prophesee’s camera:


cd /home/username


cd C:\Users\%USERNAME%"
  • events data will be shown in the viewer window on the screen

  • press “SPACE” key on a keyboard to start data recording

  • press “SPACE” key again to stop data recording

  • repeat the procedure to record data again, if needed

The data will be written to a RAW file. The path of the RAW file is visible on the bottom of the Player windows and in the shell standard output from which the Player was launched.

The output file name is composed of a basename (“out” by default) concatenated with current date and time.

The path and base name of the output RAW file can be changed with the command line option --output-raw-basename.

You can save as many RAW files as needed by repeating the procedure.