The Calibration module provides the elementary algorithm bricks needed to perform the calibration of an event-based camera.

We provide two main applications:

  • Focus adjustment

  • Intrinsics calibration

On top of these applications, we provide access to multiple building blocks that can be used to create your own calibration applications.

In this module, the presented applications are built using Pipeline and are strongly modular.

For example, considering the intrinsic calibration of a camera, different camera models can be used (e.g. pinhole, fisheye, etc.) Also, for a same camera model, several patterns can be considered to calibrate the camera (e.g. checkerboard, circle grid pattern, blinking dots, etc.). By defining components with clear input(s) and output(s) and clear conventions (e.g. camera’s coordinates system) we can have a unique intrinsics camera calibration application that can be configured to realize the desired calibration process.

Examples of such components are pattern detectors (checker board detector, blinking dots detector, etc.) and intrinsics estimators: pinhole estimator, fisheye estimator, etc.