RAW to Video Application

The application metavision_raw_to_video allows to generate an AVI video from a RAW file.

Expected Output

The application reads data from a RAW file, generates an AVI video of 30 fps and saves it to the chosen path.

How to start

You can directly execute pre-compiled binary installed with Metavision Intelligence or compile the source code as described in this tutorial.

To start the pre-compiled executable based on recorded data, provide the full path to a RAW file (here, we use the file spinner.raw from our Sample Recordings) and the full path to the output video:


metavision_raw_to_video -i spinner.raw -o spinner.avi


metavision_raw_to_video.exe -i spinner.raw -o spinner.avi

To check for additional options:


metavision_raw_to_video -h


metavision_raw_to_video.exe -h