This Python sample is available with all Metavision Intelligence Plans. The corresponding C++ application is available as pre-compiled binaries (ready for execution) with all Metavision Intelligence Plans and as source code only with our Professional plan.

Data Rate Viewer using Python

The sample displays event rate from a live camera or DAT/RAW input file. It also allows you to filter noises via keyboard keys, including:

Expected Output

The sample visualizes CD event rate from an event-based device or a RAW/DAT file after filtering:

Expected Output from Metavision Event-Rate Viewer

How to start

To start the sample based on a live stream from your camera, run:





To start the sample based on recorded data, provide the full path to a RAW or DAT file (Here, we use the file spinner.dat from our Sample Recordings):


python3 -i spinner.dat


python -i spinner.dat