This C++ application is available as pre-compiled binaries (ready for execution) with all Metavision Intelligence Plans and as source code only with our Professional plan. The corresponding Python sample is available with all Metavision Intelligence Plans.

Data Rate Viewer using C++

The application metavision_data_rate filters noise and displays event rate from a live camera or a RAW file. The noise is filtered using the following algorithms:

By default, the Activity noise filter is already activated. You can activate other filters and adjust their thresholds via command-line options.

Expected Output

The application visualizes CD event rate from an event-based device or a RAW file after filtering:

Expected Output from Metavision Event-Rate Viewer

How to start

To start the application based on a live stream from your camera, run:





To start the application based on recorded data, provide the full path to a RAW file (Here, we use the file spinner.raw from our Sample Recordings):


metavision_data_rate -i spinner.raw


metavision_data_rate.exe -i spinner.raw