C++ Headers

This is an overview of how the C++ headers are organised in the installation directory for the Driver module.

Below, <install-prefix> refers to the path where the SDK is installed. The default values depends on your operating system and installation:

  • Ubuntu: /usr when installing with the packages and /usr/local when building from source code with the deployment step

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Prophesee

The headers of the SDK Driver module follow the structure below:

├── driver
│   ├── pipeline
│   |   └── camera_stage.h
│   ├── camera.h
│   ├── cd.h
│   └── ...
└── other modules...

To include a header from the Driver module in your code, just write the full path starting from the <install-prefix>/include/.

For instance, to access the Camera object:

#include <metavision/sdk/driver/camera.h>


The pipeline folder contains a header that defines the CameraStage class allowing to use the camera in the Pipeline framework.

To access the CameraStage object, include the following header:

#include <metavision/sdk/driver/pipeline/camera_stage.h>