RAW Mosaic Viewer Sample using C++

The sample metavision_raw_mosaic_viewer.cpp demonstrates how to show a mosaic of frames combining events and processed events from multiple streams (multiple RAW files).

Expected Output

The sample visualizes a mosaic of two frames: one with input events and one with output events processed by Metavision::PolarityFilterAlgorithm.

Expected Output from Metavision RAW Mosaic Viewer Sample

How to start

First, compile the sample as described in this tutorial.

To start the sample based on recorded data, provide the full path to one or several RAW files (here, we use two files from our Sample Recordings):


./metavision_raw_mosaic_viewer -i traffic_monitoring.raw monitoring_40_50hz.raw


metavision_raw_mosaic_viewer.exe -i traffic_monitoring.raw monitoring_40_50hz.raw