Machine Learning

Discover Metavision ML, a comprehensive machine learning framework for event-based vision.

Machine learning has revolutionized computer vision, allowing us to reach results that were impossible to imagine even a few years ago, especially in fields like object detection and classification. With Metavision ML, we can use the advantages of event-based vision together with the power of machine learning.

Currently available computer vision machine learning frameworks are heavily optimized to exploit the parallel operations of convolutional networks. However, event-based data, due to the nature of event-based cameras, are typically temporally rich and spatially sparse, which makes them not well suited for the currently available machine learning frameworks. In Metavision ML module, we ensure that event-based data are correctly managed, and training loops and inference pipelines are designed to guarantee the compatibility between event-based data and generic machine learning frameworks.

Metavision ML uses PyTorch as a machine learning framework. This gives us the power of a well established framework, the convenience of Python and C++ integration, and the possibility to export your event-based model to other frameworks.

In Metavision ML, you will find all the tools required to ensure the best use of event-based data for machine learning:

  • tools to load event-based data in Python

  • tools to pre-process data to create tensors

  • training loops for object detection and classification, and optical flow

  • sample pipelines in C++ and Python for detection and tracking, including a pre-trained model for inference in automotive

  • sample pipeline in Python for optical flow, including a pre-trained model

  • simulation tools to generate events from frame-based data

  • conversion tools to create advanced and information-rich images from event-based data

  • large-scale datasets

  • tools for dataset creation: labeling, visualization, and evaluation

You can try Metavision ML with our Essentials offer, which allows you to:

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