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Visualization of Preprocessed HDF5 Files (alternative implementation)

This Python script allows you to visualize HDF5 files, containing preprocessed event tensors. If bounding boxes are provided, they will be visualized altogether in the detection mode.

This script is similar to viz_data, but with a different implementation.

Expected Output

A video showing the preprocessed event data in HDF5 format(h5) or Dat(dat) or Raw(raw).

Setup & requirements

To run the script, you need:

  • a path containing one or multiple h5 or _td.dat or raw files


with --label_map_path enabled, it is set to visualize object detection data with ground-truth(GT) labels. In this case, a label_map_dictionary.json file and NPY Bbox labels are required.

How to start

An example to run it in Python:


python3 /path/to/raw_files


python /path/to/raw_files

To find the full list of options, run:


python3 - h


python - h