Visualization of the Detection Results together with the Ground-truth

This Python script allows you to compare the detection results with the ground-truth (GT) by visualizing them side by side.

The source code of this sample can be found in <install-prefix>/share/metavision/sdk/ml/python_samples/vizu_gt_det when installing Metavision SDK from installer or packages. For other deployment methods, check the page Path of Samples.

Expected Output

A video which shows the detected Bbox and the labeled Bbox.

Setup & requirements

To run the script, you will need to provide the following input:

  • a recording file ( --record_file): an event-based input file in DAT or RAW format.

  • GT Bbox: a NPY file containing GT Bbox.

  • Detection Bbox: a NPY file containing detection Bbox.


  1. Both the GT and the detection Bbox should be encoded in EventBbox format.

  2. Type “q” to quit the simulated video.

How to start

To run the script on a RAW file:


python3 --record_file file.raw --gt /path/to/gt.npy --det /path/to/det.npy


python --record_file file.raw --gt /path/to/gt.npy --det /path/to/det.npy

To find the full list of options, run:


python3 -h


python -h