Metavision Studio

Metavision Studio is the perfect tool to start with, whether you have an event-based camera or not.

It features a Graphical User Interface allowing to visualize and record data streamed by Metavision-compatible event-based vision systems. You can try it out by reading one of the RAW files provided in our sample recordings. If you own one of our Evaluation Kits or a camera from our partner, you can visualize the events, adjust the display parameters and tune all the camera settings.

Metavision Studio Streaming

Main features

  • Visualize data (live camera or recording)

  • Configure display parameters (accumulation time, Fps, color theme)

  • Control sensor’s settings (biases)

  • Set a Region Of Interest (ROI)

  • Access advanced features (Anti-Flicker, Spatio-Temporal Contrast Filter and Event Rate Controller)

  • Record data from a live camera

  • Cut recording to keep only relevant data

  • Export data to AVI video

Getting Started

To start Metavision Studio from a command line:





On your first connexion, you will be offered to follow a guided tour to discover how to use the Studio:

Metavision Studio Guided Tour

This guide should give you enough information to start reading, configuring and recording event-based data. Note that you will be able to access it anytime by selecting “Help > Getting Started Guide” menu item.


Metavision Studio is based on the Electron framework and multiple 3rd party packages. The file ThirdPartyNotices.txt deployed in share/metavision/apps/metavision_studio/internal/client within your installation path contains the full list of 3rd party packages and their licenses. This list is also included in the Metavision T&C’s located in the folder share/metavision/licensing.