Streaming and Decoding

Event-based cameras are streaming events in an encoded format (EVT2 or EVT3). Those events (“raw encoded events”) can either be directly stored in RAW files or decoded by the SDK for further treatment (processing, filtering, displaying etc.).

The event-based data streaming pipeline uses producer / consumer mechanisms at several stages of the pipeline, from sensor to application. As such, the production and consumption rates have to be properly sized at all stages to avoid creating a bottleneck situation. If data consumption rate is significantly lower or lower for a prolonged period than the data production rate, backpressure will be imposed on the data producer and may propagate to upstream stages. In such a situation, backpressure will eventually lead to data loss and possibly data corruption.

For EVT3 encoding format, the SDK Decoder logs some messages when errors are detected in the data stream. Those messages help detecting and mitigating the transfer issues. The decoder can be configured to be either permissive or robust.

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