Camera Plugin Upgrade Guide

If you are a camera maker producing an event-based device compatible with Metavision SDK, you will need to build and maintain a camera plugin using the HAL API.

In this page, we list the changes of the HAL API that affect the code of the camera plugins, to support the upgrade of 3rd party plugins to new Metavision SDK versions.

You can also browse Prophesee Camera Plugin source code in OpenEB to see the current state of the code along with the history by release.


In addition to this HAL API Release Note, you can check out the full Metavision SDK Release Note

V4.5.0 Change Logs

V4.4.0 Change Logs

V4.3.0 Change Logs

  • Changes in HAL API:

    • changed void I_AntiFlickerModule::is_enabled() into void I_AntiFlickerModule::is_enabled() const

    • changed I_CameraSynchronization::SyncMode I_CameraSynchronization::get_mode() into I_CameraSynchronization::SyncMode I_CameraSynchronization::get_mode() const

    • changed bool I_DigitalCrop::is_enabled() into bool I_DigitalCrop::is_enabled() const

    • changed I_DigitalCrop::Region I_DigitalCrop::get_window_region() into I_DigitalCrop::Region I_DigitalCrop::get_window_region() const

    • changed bool I_ErcModule::is_enabled() into bool I_ErcModule::is_enabled() const

    • changed uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_min_supported_cd_event_rate() into uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_min_supported_cd_event_rate() const

    • changed uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_max_supported_cd_event_rate() into uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_max_supported_cd_event_rate() const

    • changed uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_cd_event_rate() into uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_cd_event_rate() const

    • changed uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_cd_event_count() into uint32_t I_ErcModule::get_cd_event_count() const

    • changed uint32_t I_EventRateNoiseFilterModule::get_event_rate_threshold() into uint32_t I_EventRateNoiseFilterModule::get_event_rate_threshold() const

    • changed int I_LL_Biases::get(const std::string &bias_name) into int I_LL_Biases::get(const std::string &bias_name) const

    • changed std::map<std::string, int> I_LL_Biases::get_all_biases() into std::map<std::string, int> I_LL_Biases::get_all_biases() const

    • changed int I_LL_Biases::get_impl(const std::string &bias_name) into int I_LL_Biases::get_impl(const std::string &bias_name) const

    • changed bool I_TriggerOut::is_enabled() into bool I_TriggerOut::is_enabled() const

  • Additions in HAL API:

    • Added bool I_EventRateNoiseFilterModule::is_enabled() const

    • Added bool I_ROI::get_lines(std::vector<bool> &cols, std::vector<bool> &rows) const