GenX320 Sensor

The GenX320 is a 320x320 6.3μm pixel BSI stacked event-based sensor, designed for embedded vision and many power-sensitive applications.

The GenX320 was designed with the explicit goal to improve integrability and usability in at-the-edge vision systems. This includes event data pre-processing and formatting, data interface compatibility and low-latency connectivity to different processing platforms including latest low-power, neuromorphic processors.

The sensor has been optimized for very low power operation, featuring a hierarchy of application-specific power modes. The GenX320 contains an integrated Event Signal Processing (ESP) pipeline which includes timestamping, filtering, throughput regulation and data formatting functions. An Event Rate Controller (ERC) allows to cap the output event rate to a programmable limit. A Spatio-Temporal Contrast filter (STC) detects and removes redundant bursts and trails of events triggered by high contrast features in the scene. An Anti-Flicker (AFK) filter detects and filters events generated by flickering lights.


  • 320x320 array of 6.3μm contrast detection pixels

  • Event data output with row-level 1μs-precision time stamping

  • 0.05 lux Low light cutoff

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) >120dB

  • Ultra-low power mode 36μW

  • Very low operating power 3mW

  • Embedded features: Anti-flicker filtering (AFK) + Event Rate Controller (ERC) + Spatio-temporal Contrast filter (STC)

  • Ambient light measurement

  • ML-friendly compressed and uncompressed event data streams

  • 1-lane MIPI D-Phy output interface

  • Configurable 8-bit parallel output interface

  • I2C and Four-wire serial peripheral interface

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