Welcome to Metavision Intelligence

Discover Metavision Intelligence, a comprehensive software framework for event-based vision.

To get started, you should sign-up for Metavision SDK , which contains everything you need from visualization application to a comprehensive API, and including Prophesee camera plugins. After installation, launch Metavision Studio to visualize data from an event-based camera. If you don’t own a camera, you can use a file from our Sample Recordings. As frame based vision differs from event based vision, please view our page on event-based concepts to better understand our way of managing events. We provide some Code Samples and encourage you to discover the various algorithms (filters, processors etc.) we provide.

You can use the Python API or the C++ API we provide by following a tutorial to create your own applications.

To utilize the source code of our Open modules, you can clone and compile our open source project OpenEB. Note that Metavision Studio is not part of OpenEB, but the simpler Metavision Viewer application can be used instead. Check our Modules and Packaging page which explains what is offered in each of our packages, including OpenEB.


This public documentation covers our whole Metavision Intelligence offer and contains some data about our sensors and cameras. For more hardware documentation, application notes and support tools, check our Knowledge Center.