Welcome to Metavision SDK

Discover Metavision SDK version 4.1.0, an all-in-one package that provides you with a range of essential tools, from a visualization application to a comprehensive API.

Getting started is easy - simply sign-up for Metavision SDK and follow the installation guide.

Once installed, launch Metavision Studio, which allows you to view data from an event-based camera in real-time. If you don’t yet own an event-based device, you can still experience the power of Metavision SDK by using one of our sample recordings. To fully understand the unique nature of event-based vision, we highly recommend reading our page on event-based concepts, which provides an in-depth understanding of our way of managing events.

We provide some code samples and tutorials that you can use to discover some of the algorithms of our SDK and to get started into programming your own application using our C++ API or Python API.

With these tools at your disposal, you can unlock the full potential of Metavision SDK and Metavision sensors and begin creating event-based vision applications that are limited only by your imagination.


This public documentation covers our whole Metavision SDK offer and contains some data about our sensors and cameras. For more hardware documentation, application notes and support tools, check our Knowledge Center. If you are a Prophesee hardware customer, request your Knowledge Center account to get access to support ticketing tool and premium content.