Metavision SDK Modules and Packaging

Metavision SDK is organized in modules that address different technical and applicative purposes. Each module contains a consistent set of features including API, applications, code samples, tutorials, etc.

Those modules are organized in 2 groups:

  • Open modules: basis of the software suite, those modules offer the fundamental tools to interact with event-bases systems.

  • Advanced modules: set of algorithms targeting different application fields optimized for event-based data.

In addition to the modules, Metavision SDK also comes with 2 other components:

  • Metavision Studio: Graphical User Interface application allowing for visualization of acquired data and previously recorded data by Prophesee-compatible event-based vision systems.

  • Prophesee Camera Plugin: library leveraging the HAL module to enable the communication between event-based devices and the other SDK modules.

Metavision SDK Modules

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For an overview of the SDK architecture, please check our SDK Architecture page

Metavision Open Modules





Hardware Abstraction Layer.

Generic access to hardware features of the cameras.


Basic classes and utility functions used in other modules.


Generic and commonly used processing blocks.

Core ML

Generic functions for Machine Learning, event_to_video

and video_to_event pipelines.


User-friendly API to ease the interaction with event-based

systems, access event data and control sensor settings.

This module is based on HAL and allows access to all HAL classes.


Utility classes to manage on-screen display and react to

system or user events.

Note that the Open modules are open-sourced in OpenEB

Metavision Advanced Modules





Algorithms to filter, transform or extract information from

events streams.


Algorithms to localize the camera in 3d and reconstruct its



Algorithms to monitor and analyze the event stream, e.g.

counting, tracking, measuring vibrations etc.


Algorithms to calibrate an event-based camera.


Python modules to manipulate event-based datasets

and design event-based Neural Networks. Comes with pre-trained

models and inference demos with event-based cameras.

Metavision SDK Packaging

Metavision SDK is packaged in several deliverables:

  • Metavision SDK: free package of our SDK. It is the simplest ways to explore its possibilities. It includes a range of powerful tools and APIs in C++ and Python. This package also comes with a commercial-grade license and is compatible with major PC platforms (Windows and Linux Ubuntu).

  • Metavision SDK Pro: premium package of our SDK. It offers even more than the standard SDK version. In addition to the features already provided, you’ll gain access to the source code for all modules, including the advanced ones. This allows you to customize the algorithms to your specific needs and compile them on your preferred platform. Additionally, you’ll receive premium support and access to our Knowledge Center.

  • OpenEB: open source project sharing the source code of the open modules under Apache 2 license. This allows you to use and customize some features of our SDK on platforms we do not officially support. With its open source nature, you can also contribute to the continuous development of the software offering.

Metavision SDK Offers


If you have some questions about our software offers, please refer to the packaging section of our FAQ and contact us if you don’t find your answer.