Metavision Intelligence Modules and Packaging

Metavision Intelligence is split in multiple modules. Each module addresses a particular applicative purpose and contains a consistent set of features including API, applications, code samples, tutorials, etc.

Those modules are organized in 2 sets:

Metavision Open Modules




Hardware Abstraction Layer.

Generic access to hardware features of the cameras.


Basic classes and utility functions used in other modules.


Generic and commonly used processing blocks.

Core ML

Generic functions for Machine Learning, event_to_video

and video_to_event pipelines.


User-friendly API to ease the interaction with event-based

systems, access event data and control sensor settings.

This module is based on HAL and allows access to all HAL classes.


Utility classes to manage on-screen display and react to

system or user events.

Metavision Advanced Modules




Algorithms to filter, transform or extract information from

events streams.


Algorithms to localize the camera in 3d and reconstruct its



Algorithms to monitor and analyze the event stream, e.g.

counting, tracking, measuring vibrations etc.


Algorithms to calibrate an event-based camera.


Python modules to manipulate event-based datasets

and design event-based Neural Networks. Comes with pre-trained

models and inference demos with event-based cameras.

Metavision Intelligence Architecture

In addition to the modules, Metavision Intelligence also comes with 2 other components:

  • Metavision Studio: Graphical User Interface application allowing for visualization of acquired data and previously recorded data by Prophesee-compatible event-based vision systems.

  • Camera Plugins: set of libraries allowing the communication of supported hardware to the software stack through the HAL module.

Metavision Intelligence Modules

Metavision Intelligence Packaging

Metavision Intelligence is packaged in several deliverables:

  • Metavision SDK is the easiest route to discover Metavision Intelligence as it contains all offered modules. The SDK comes with C++ API to binary libraries, Python packages, applications, samples of all the modules and the Prophesee cameras plugins.

  • Metavision Studio is the quickest way to discover event-based technology. It will install only the minimum set of libraries and resources to run this viewer.

  • OpenEB is the open source project sharing the source code of the open modules and the camera plugins under Apache 2 license. This allows you to use some features of our SDK on platforms we do not officially support. The open source nature allows for users to also contribute to the growing software offering.

Metavision Studio

Metavision SDK


  • Free license

  • Studio GUI to stream/record from
    event-based camera and files

  • Prophesee camera plugins (binaries)

  • Free license

  • Access binaries of C++ libraries via API
    of all the SDK modules (Open and Advanced)

  • Python source code of packages
    of all the SDK modules (Open and Advanced)

  • Studio GUI to stream/record from
    event-based camera and files

  • Prophesee camera plugins (binaries)

  • Open Source license

  • source code of the Open modules
    of the SDK in Python and C++

  • source code of the camera plugins

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