Camera Plugins

Camera Plugins

A camera plugin is a library used by Metavision HAL to open a camera and access all of its functionalities (tuning the configuration, starting the stream, retrieving the event-based data etc.).

The plugin provides the implementations of the HAL facilities for each feature supported by this specific device.


From a technical point of view, a camera plugin compatible with HAL is a shared library which provides a free function void initialize_plugin(void*) responsible for :

Then, the plugin should contain:

  • the file and camera discoveries function referenced in void initialize_plugin(void*)

  • the implementation all the facilities that we want to support with this camera (that should be added in the Device returned by the discover() functions)

To create your own plugin, or update an existing one, you can start by checking some plugin source code:

Additionally, if you want to get a deeper understanding of how the Prophesee plugin is implemented, you can

Hardware Layer Library

The Prophesee plugin allows application developers to access device-specific implementation of facilities. This is described in the Hardware Layer Library page.


Camera plugins are distributed by camera makers.

Next Steps

From here, depending on your interest, you can:

  • continue to explore the SDK architecture, by checking our pages on HAL or on SDK Driver

  • check out our Sample plugin to see how a simple plugin can be written

See also

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