Camera Plugins Installation

Plugin libraries are distributed by camera makers.

For Prophesee EVKs, the plugins are included in the installation:

  • Studio and SDK users already have the plugins in binary form installed and ready to use.

  • OpenEB users have the source code of the plugin within the repository that will be compiled along with SDK modules.

Third-party plugins can be retrieved from suppliers. If you installed a third-party vendor plugin, you need to specify the location of the plugin using the MV_HAL_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable:


export MV_HAL_PLUGIN_PATH=/path/to/my/plugins/


set "MV_HAL_PLUGIN_PATH=C:\path\to\my\plugins\"

If you want to permanently set this environment variable:

  • on Linux, you should include the export in your ~/.bashrc

  • on Windows, right click on your computer in the file browser and select properties. Then, click Advanced system settings in the left hand side bar and click Environment Variables. Finally, add the MV_HAL_PLUGIN_PATH variable in the System variables section.


Camera plugins are searched for in MV_HAL_PLUGIN_PATH and then in <install-prefix>/lib/metavision/hal/plugins/. See Camera Discovery section of HAL introduction for more information on that topic.