EVK3 - VGA/320/HD

Prophesee Evaluation Kit 3 (EVK3) enables fast, cost-efficient first hands-on evaluation of Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision. It is available with multiple sensors: Gen3.1 VGA, GenX320 and IMX636 HD.

Evaluation Kit V3

This EVK is ideal for first hands-on evaluation and performance-constrained computing environment.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive sensor control including digital pipeline (ESP)

  • Full sensor bandwidth

  • USB 3.0 Micro-B connectivity

  • Maximum system power 4.5W, powered via USB

  • Synchronization interface

  • CS / S mount versions available

Supported Sensors

USB 3 Interface

  • Maximum bandwidth: 1.6 Gbps

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If you already acquired an EVK3, you can access the user manual in our Knowledge Center once you will have requested an account.