Century Arks is proposing the SilkyEvCam, an industrial grade event camera featuring full compatibility with Metavision SDK software.


The camera is responsible for data sampling, time stamping and data packing for transmission of the sensor events over a USB 3.0 interface.


  • Gen3.1 pixel-individually auto-sampling image sensor

  • VGA Resolution (640x480 pixels)

  • Wide Dynamic Range (up to 120dB)

  • Contrast Detection (CD) events support

  • Dimensions of only 30x30x36mm

  • Weight of 40g with highly efficient heat dissipation, electrical isolation and overall casing shielding

  • Supports any C/CS mount compatible lens, from 8mm objective lens to microscopes’ or telescopes’ imaging ports

  • Power supply and data exchange with standard USB 3.0 interface

  • Event time-stamping with microsecond (µs) precision

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