This C++ sample has a corresponding Python sample.

File to CSV

This tool allows to convert an event-based file (RAW, DAT or HDF5) to a CSV formatted file.

The source code of this sample can be found in <install-prefix>/share/metavision/sdk/driver/cpp_samples/metavision_file_to_csv when installing Metavision SDK from installer or packages. For other deployment methods, check the page Path of Samples.

Expected Output

The sample reads data from a RAW or HDF5 event file and writes them to a CSV file in the execution path.

How to start

You can directly execute pre-compiled binary installed with Metavision SDK or compile the source code as described in this tutorial.

To start the tool, provide the full path to a file (here, we use an HDF5 file from our Sample Recordings):


./metavision_file_to_csv -i spinner.hdf5


metavision_file_to_csv.exe -i spinner.hdf5