File to HDF5

This tool allows you to read events from a RAW or DAT file and convert them to an HDF5 event file.

The source code of this tool can be found in <install-prefix>/share/metavision/sdk/driver/cpp_samples/metavision_file_to_hdf5 when installing Metavision SDK from installer or packages. For other deployment methods, check the page Path of Samples.

Expected Output

The tool reads data from a RAW or DAT file, converts them to an HDF5 event file and saves the HDF5 event file to the same directory as the input file.


As the output file will be written to the same directory as the input file, ensure that you have write permission in the directory with the input RAW file.

How to start

You can directly execute pre-compiled binary installed with Metavision SDK or compile the source code as described in this tutorial.

To start the tool, provide the full path to a file (here, we use a RAW file from Metavision Datasets):


metavision_file_to_hdf5 -i spinner.raw


metavision_file_to_hdf5.exe -i spinner.raw